Shower Units Compared to Bathtubs

If a household has 2 bathrooms, the best option is to place a bathtub in the larger of the two and a shower in the small bathroom. However if there is only one bathroom in the property and not enough room to install both, it leaves the decision of having a bathtub or a shower unit. When looking at designer bathrooms Surrey, there will be a large selection of walk-in shower units and bathtubs with shower heads incorporated. When comparing the two, there are certain points that can help sway the decision.

  • Space – Bathtubs require more floor space compared to shower units, so if the bathroom is very small then there is likely less choice and a shower should be installed.
  • Design – Both shower units and bathtubs come in a range of sleek designs that can add beauty and style to a bathroom.
  • Water – Shower enclosure usually keep the floor completely dry as the water is contained, whereas bathtubs with showers can cause the floor to get very wet every time they are used.
  • Residents – Bathtubs are usually a more popular choice for families with young children or even elderly members, as they are easier to use compared to showers.
  • Property Value – If you are planning on selling your property in the near future then remember that in houses with one bathroom a bathtub is usually preferred by buyers compared to only having a shower unit. A property value can sometimes be reduced with a shower-only property.


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