Protecting Your System from Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of sophisticated malware that encrypts files and leaves victims unable to access their files unless they pay a ransom. In recent years ransomware has been on the rise as cyber criminals look for new, more complicated ways of attacking. This year saw the biggest internet attack in history using ransomware that affected hundreds of thousands of organisations both large and small. When a business becomes victim to a ransomware attack, there can be devastating consequences as it can stop operations completely for a long time causing a huge amount of losses. No matter the size of the business, it is vital to be prepared against these attacks and know what to do if they do happen. Below are some tips for protecting your system from Ransomware:

·       Ensure you have a strong antivirus installed and a security packages such as firewalls and threat prevention.

·       Work alongside IT support companies in London who will provide the latest cyber protection and updates, as well as knowledge of types of cyber attacks, defence mechanisms and 24/7 support.

·       Backup all data on a separate server, cloud, local storage devices or an external storage device so it is accessible should be originals be taken hostage.

·       Establish a security awareness system amongst all employees where they are trained to have regularly updated passwords, be careful when clicking on email links and attachments when the sender is unknown, etc.

·       Personal information about clients, staff or the company should never be shared.



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