How To Trench and Install Irrigation Pipes

If you have been measuring and planning to install an irrigation system in your garden, don’t fear! It may seem complicated, and whilst the professionals use pipe ramming to install pipes into the ground, you can install irrigation pipes with no experience necessary. Look no further to learn how to dig trenches and install pipes.

Step One

Before you start you must plan where the pipes will go, and plot the locations of the zones and main pipe. The main pipe will be the one running from the water metre to the control box. Each zone of pipe will have a valve box, sprinkler heads, and will be connected to the main pipe.

Step Two

Once you have planned where your pipes need to go, you then need to calculate how much piping you will need. Make sure to double and triple check the length and order extra to be on the safe side. You will also have to order sprinkler heads, fittings and control wire.

Step Three

Now everything has arrived, it is time to lay the pipe. It is difficult to dig trenches and lay the pipe manually, so it is best to hire a professional machine. You can rent a trench cutting machine, or even better a vibratory plow which not only digs trenches but lays the pipes underground. The sprinkler heads should be laid in a 2” trench and the pipes should be underground at a depth of around 8”.

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