Different Types of Nurses in Healthcare

The field of healthcare is an important and rewarding career for many, especially nurses. Nursing is a wide career option that features a large range of opportunities, specialities and training. Working with people and medicine is a diverse field and having a variety of nurses with specific skills leads to more efficient care for patients.  A selection of the different types of nurses in healthcare include…

Registered Nurse – An RN must have a degree in nursing and will act like a head nurse in a healthcare establishment. The RN is allowed to handle controlled substances and is responsible for handing out medication.

Licensed Practical Nurse – An LPN must study a one year college programme so they can give injections, hand out medication and offer patient care. Their responsibilities are similar to that of an RN but slightly less complicated.

Certified Nursing Assistant – CNA’s are the most basic forms of nurses but form the backbone of the healthcare field and usually see more patients than other nurses. Nursing jobs in Worthing for a CNA can be in a hospital, doctor’s surgery, a care home or almost any type of medical or care facility, and all that is required is a short training course.

Public Health Nurse – A PHN is an RN that has been trained to deal with specific health issues that affect the general public. They are responsible for giving out immunisations to children and adults, and for keeping track of the contagious diseases in the local area.



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