Choosing The Right Size Tiles

With so many diverse choices available, tiles are an individual choice and give a homeowner the chance to show off their style in their home. When it comes to selecting the tiles for you, there are many choices regarding colour, finish, style and material. What you might not think of however, is the size of the tile and the size of the room they will be placed in.

There are no rules when it comes to tile size, however most tile experts recommend that large format tiles will make a room look bigger. However in small rooms, large tiles can be overpowering, so sometimes it is better to place small mosaic style tiles. The best thing to do when selecting a tile size is to order a sample to check how it will look in the room. As well as the size of the space, other features can affect how a tile will look such as the amount of natural light, the height of the ceiling, available wall space and location of fixtures.

When choosing the size of the tiles, remember that grout lines will cause an impact on the final product. The more grout lines there are, the busier the space will look, therefore medium or large tiles can give the illusion of a larger space by removing the grid appearance of the grout. If a bathroom has lots of angles and fittings, large tiles may be unsuitable as they will need to be cut a lot to make them fit.

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