Different Types of Nurses in Healthcare

The field of healthcare is an important and rewarding career for many, especially nurses. Nursing is a wide career option that features a large range of opportunities, specialities and training. Working with people and medicine is a diverse field and having a variety of nurses with specific skills leads to more efficient care for patients.  A selection of the different types of nurses in healthcare include…

Registered Nurse – An RN must have a degree in nursing and will act like a head nurse in a healthcare establishment. The RN is allowed to handle controlled substances and is responsible for handing out medication.

Licensed Practical Nurse – An LPN must study a one year college programme so they can give injections, hand out medication and offer patient care. Their responsibilities are similar to that of an RN but slightly less complicated.

Certified Nursing Assistant – CNA’s are the most basic forms of nurses but form the backbone of the healthcare field and usually see more patients than other nurses. Nursing jobs in Worthing for a CNA can be in a hospital, doctor’s surgery, a care home or almost any type of medical or care facility, and all that is required is a short training course.

Public Health Nurse – A PHN is an RN that has been trained to deal with specific health issues that affect the general public. They are responsible for giving out immunisations to children and adults, and for keeping track of the contagious diseases in the local area.



The Eight Most Important Things to Consider When Writing Your Will

A will is an important document that you can write up at any point in your life, it is not just about your finances, but about all your final wishes after you pass away. It may feel slightly grim to think about, but it is vital to make sure everything that you want to happen will happen. Here are the eight most important things to consider when writing your will.

  1. Accountant

Make sure you have your accountant Kent or financial planner’s latest details and add this contact information in the will so financial issues can be dealt with.

  1. Assets

List all of your assets, which is everything you own. It may be easier to organise them in to categories and to put an estimated value.

  • Special Items

Even if some of your items do not have a significant value but are special to you, include them as well.

  1. Child Guardianship

If you have young children, it is beneficial to add a chosen individual to be their guardian, with specific instructions for lifestyle, education and values.

  1. Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are the people or organisations that will benefit from your will with gifts, property or shares.

  1. Executor

You must appoint an executor to carry out the wishes in the will and to manage your estate.

  • Charity

Charities can also be includes as a beneficiary, but be specific about where the gift should go.

  • Funeral

Include the instructions for your funeral arrangements and make sure the executor and/or family members are aware of the plans.

Infographics! What Are They Good For?

Infographics are a mixture of image design, writing and analysis that are a creative way of sharing data. In this day and age where the internet is a big part of consumer’s lives, visual communication is one of the most important mediums. Infographics are an ideal way of taking complicated data and presenting it in a visual way that is enjoyable to read, making them extremely effective. Companies can use their in-house designers or hire a creative marketing agency to create infographics to get their message across.

The Reasons Infographics Are So Effective:

  • Costs 50% less than traditional marketing and is more effective.
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. People usually remember 80% of what they see and do, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear, making visual communication the most effective tool.
  • An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read compared to a text article.
  • Traffic grows quicker when using infographics.
  • They are perfect for use as a branding tool.
  • Convey a lot of information in a small space.
  • 60% of buyers seek out a product after reading about it.

If you are looking for a way to bring your brand identity to life using visual communication, do not hesitate to use infographics. Click here to find out more information on creating infographics, sharing information and generating images to bring your marketing to life and increase your brand awareness.

4 Weather-Proof Days Out

The weather in the UK can be hard to predict, no matter what the season. If you are trying to plan a day out but are worried about the rain, why not plan an exciting indoor day trip that the weather cannot ruin. Here are 4 ideas of weather-proof days out.

  1. SNO!zone

The SNO!zone attractions, located in Glasgow, Milton Keynes and Castleford, are climate controlled all year round to create the perfect snow conditions for skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. If you are trying to escape the cold there is also crazy golf, laser quest, climbing walls, pubs and restaurants.

  1. F1 Driving Experience

This driving experience Surrey is the UK’s only full motion F1 simulation venue. Members of groups can each have their own simulator and race around the track in a realistic formula 1 race.

  1. Aquarium

There are a number of interesting aquariums across the country such as the London aquarium. The Deep in Hull is classed as the world’s only submarium where you can walk through the deepest viewing tunnel in Europe and go on a glass lift that takes you through 10m of water to see 3,500 species of fish and 40 sharks.

  1. Mercedes Benz World

This free admission day out has something for everyone. With off-road driving experiences for adults and children, driving lessons and a museum with interactive exhibits, 3D simulations and historic racing and road cars to see, a day spent here is interesting, educational and fun.

5 Rustic Wedding Ideas

Country weddings are popular all across the UK with beautiful settings from forests to fields and barns to hotels, there are many ways to do it. A wedding with a country theme tends to be more laid back and rustic compared to other themes, and certainly makes guests feel more comfortable. Here are 5 rustic wedding ideas that are perfect for country weddings Sussex and across the nation:

  1. Chalkboards – one coat of chalkboard paint and some chalk can turn anything in to a chalkboard, which offers a rural, handmade appeal. Use chalkboards for the menus, place cards, seating arrangements or something more.
  2. Plants and flowers – of course every wedding should have flowers, but for a rustic country wedding there should be green and bloom everywhere. Plants and flowers give the feeling of the countryside and improve the atmosphere no matter what type of venue the wedding is in.
  3. Simplicity – Country weddings are supposed to be simple, and the rustic look is easy to create. Instead of matching furniture and table linens, use wooden tables with vintage style chairs for a cute, mismatched look.
  4. Snacks – As well as offering a meal for guests, snacks are also a great idea for later on. Wedding receptions can be long days and guests will need refuelling, especially if they are dancing the night away. A nice gesture is to offer small snacks such as cookies, crackers and even roasted marshmallows to match the outdoor theme.

Shower Units Compared to Bathtubs

If a household has 2 bathrooms, the best option is to place a bathtub in the larger of the two and a shower in the small bathroom. However if there is only one bathroom in the property and not enough room to install both, it leaves the decision of having a bathtub or a shower unit. When looking at designer bathrooms Surrey, there will be a large selection of walk-in shower units and bathtubs with shower heads incorporated. When comparing the two, there are certain points that can help sway the decision.

  • Space – Bathtubs require more floor space compared to shower units, so if the bathroom is very small then there is likely less choice and a shower should be installed.
  • Design – Both shower units and bathtubs come in a range of sleek designs that can add beauty and style to a bathroom.
  • Water – Shower enclosure usually keep the floor completely dry as the water is contained, whereas bathtubs with showers can cause the floor to get very wet every time they are used.
  • Residents – Bathtubs are usually a more popular choice for families with young children or even elderly members, as they are easier to use compared to showers.
  • Property Value – If you are planning on selling your property in the near future then remember that in houses with one bathroom a bathtub is usually preferred by buyers compared to only having a shower unit. A property value can sometimes be reduced with a shower-only property.


3 Top Tips for Purchasing Bathroom Tiles

Planning the design and layout of a bathroom can be one of the most difficult rooms in the house to get right. Fixtures and furniture must be placed in the plan, but the most important part to plan ahead for is the tiles. When planning and buying bathroom tiles Reading and nationwide there are certain tips to make sure everything goes according to plan:

  1. Plan the layout

If you are renovating a bathroom or starting from scratch, you must first think about the layout of the room and where the main fixtures and furniture will be placed. Then you can plan where the tiles will be needed on the floor and walls.

  1. Think about design

Next in the plan is the design vision for the room. Have a clear idea of the overall style of the bathroom such as modern, retro or natural. The style of the bathroom will help to pick out the tiles that will be used, so that they match the design of everything else.

  1. Find out about materials

There are a number of different tiles that are made from different materials, each that have a different price and several advantages. Ceramic and porcelain are most commonly used as they are inexpensive, come in a variety of designs and are durable. There are also numerous textured stones that are available as tiles such as granite, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, quarzite and travertine that bring a natural look to the room.

Top Landscaping Ideas to Create the Perfect Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it should be an important part of your home where you can enjoy nature. Redesigning a garden is a great way to create a beautiful place to relax, entertain, grow plants and let children play. Landscaping may seem like a huge task, but if it is done right then it can be enjoyable way to create your dream outdoor environment. Here are some top landscaping ideas to help you create the perfect garden:

  • Plan the design – Landscaping should begin with lots of research which can be done online and at garden centres, garden shows and public gardens. When looking at different ideas you can decide on styles and designs that you like and that would suit the garden. Then you can plan a design including plants, fences, hedges, paths, lawns, water features and any other ideas.
  • Decide on a budget – Plan your budget that is available for the landscaping and make sure it covers all of your design.
  • Get the right materials – Materials for landscaping can be purchased at a variety of locations including builders merchants in Sussex. In professional merchants you can find all of the landscaping supplies, and then any plants and trees will be available at garden centres.
  • Hire labour or DIY – Decide whether you are capable to complete the work or if it is better to hire a professional. Then you can get started!


Exquisite Home Design Is One Step Away

LiSet featured imageke everyone else, you want to return home to a house that represents you and makes you feel comfortable. But how do you actually achieve that dream home? How do you create an exquisite home design that will make you feel amazing day after day? Here are some tips to remember:

  • Think of the bigger picture. Start with that, then narrow down to the little elements that make the big differences. For example, the best kitchens Chichester are those which encompass an entire theme in simple, beautiful ways – and while it can be definitely agreed that the devil is in the details, the truth is that seeing the bigger picture is always crucial.
  • Invest in quality. They say that you get what you pay for… Sure, it is definitely not alright to break the bank, but remember that your house is a long-term investment that should make you happy from all points of view. See what are the elements that matter for you and invest in quality, rather than quantity. Pay attention though, your contractors should be just as qualitative as the products and materials you use!
  • Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Be creative with your furniture and with your home design and it will pay off. The more original you are in thinking, the more your home design will mirror this. From the kitchen to the bedroom, everything about your house will stand out in beauty and style!

Looking for professional home designers that are talented and dedicated? Come here, you will not be disappointed.

Why Reverse Cameras for Trucks Are a Great Business Investment

As a company owner, you want to make sure you are never faced with unfair trials and claims. Even more, you want to make sure your well-trained truck drivers are always covered in the event of an accident too.

But what do reverse cameras for trucks have to do with everything and why are they a great business investment? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The most stringent reason to buy reverse cameras for trucks is because they can actually help your drivers. Not only will they do their job better and safer, but they will have the actual proof of innocence in the event of an accident of any kind. Therefore, you will not have to pay up to unfair claims just because you didn’t have anything to prove they’re not right.
  • You will not need to hire your lawyers for too many hours. Of course, you need good lawyers to protect your company in a wide range of potential situations. However, having them bill you a smaller number of hours can help you save money. When your lawyers have your case and they are certain of the evidence you have brought forward, they will not have to work on your case for too long.
  • You will show your drivers you care. Building employee loyalty is important for every business – and yours makes no exception whatsoever.

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