4 Weather-Proof Days Out

The weather in the UK can be hard to predict, no matter what the season. If you are trying to plan a day out but are worried about the rain, why not plan an exciting indoor day trip that the weather cannot ruin. Here are 4 ideas of weather-proof days out.

  1. SNO!zone

The SNO!zone attractions, located in Glasgow, Milton Keynes and Castleford, are climate controlled all year round to create the perfect snow conditions for skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. If you are trying to escape the cold there is also crazy golf, laser quest, climbing walls, pubs and restaurants.

  1. F1 Driving Experience

This driving experience Surrey is the UK’s only full motion F1 simulation venue. Members of groups can each have their own simulator and race around the track in a realistic formula 1 race.

  1. Aquarium

There are a number of interesting aquariums across the country such as the London aquarium. The Deep in Hull is classed as the world’s only submarium where you can walk through the deepest viewing tunnel in Europe and go on a glass lift that takes you through 10m of water to see 3,500 species of fish and 40 sharks.

  1. Mercedes Benz World

This free admission day out has something for everyone. With off-road driving experiences for adults and children, driving lessons and a museum with interactive exhibits, 3D simulations and historic racing and road cars to see, a day spent here is interesting, educational and fun.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Paint Colours for Your Home

Updating a property is simple with a can of paint, a brush and a roller. However, the only difficult part is selecting the colour, as there are thousands of shades and options out there. There are a number of colours that will bring interest from potential buyers and cash property buyers if you are looking to sell, but there are also many colours which will put off interest. If you are thinking about repainting, check out these 3 things to consider when choosing paint colours for your home.

  1. Look at what is popular in the market

Do some research with the local market and properties that have sold recently. Take in to account which colours were popular, and you can mimic these colour palettes in your home.

  1. Colours depend on the light

The right colour for a room will depend on the amount and type of lighting. If a room has lots of natural light a colour will look completely different than if the light is created by fluorescent bulbs. Colours will also look different throughout different times of the day, so this needs to be taken in to account also. Paint testers on the wall to check how colours will look in a specific room.

  1. Match the furnishing

Pain colours should match and enhance the furnishings it surrounds. Make sure to select wall colours that will complement floors, furniture and storage, rather than clashing or competing with them.


5 Rustic Wedding Ideas

Country weddings are popular all across the UK with beautiful settings from forests to fields and barns to hotels, there are many ways to do it. A wedding with a country theme tends to be more laid back and rustic compared to other themes, and certainly makes guests feel more comfortable. Here are 5 rustic wedding ideas that are perfect for country weddings Sussex and across the nation:

  1. Chalkboards – one coat of chalkboard paint and some chalk can turn anything in to a chalkboard, which offers a rural, handmade appeal. Use chalkboards for the menus, place cards, seating arrangements or something more.
  2. Plants and flowers – of course every wedding should have flowers, but for a rustic country wedding there should be green and bloom everywhere. Plants and flowers give the feeling of the countryside and improve the atmosphere no matter what type of venue the wedding is in.
  3. Simplicity – Country weddings are supposed to be simple, and the rustic look is easy to create. Instead of matching furniture and table linens, use wooden tables with vintage style chairs for a cute, mismatched look.
  4. Snacks – As well as offering a meal for guests, snacks are also a great idea for later on. Wedding receptions can be long days and guests will need refuelling, especially if they are dancing the night away. A nice gesture is to offer small snacks such as cookies, crackers and even roasted marshmallows to match the outdoor theme.